Woman is a home decoration


Objects, porcelain painting, engraving, staining, embroidery

Traditionally, a stereotype has developed in the patriarchal culture that a woman’s vocation is to decorate a house, bring beauty, comfort, and serve as decoration for prying eyes. The individuality of a particular woman dissolves in these things; she is compressed with them; they define her. However, in the era of a change in gender orders, he no longer seems unconditional.

I want to reflect and deconstruct this cultural stereotype . Despite the fact that gender stereotypes are changing, we still meet their echoes in films, TV shows, statements by politicians, and bloggers.

Like the thriller Stepford Wives, the seemingly sweet home space of an objectified woman becomes a horror room, reflecting negative emotions escaping from the subconscious. Her dwelling turns into a resemblance to the house of Mr. Korbes from the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm of the same name, where something dangerous and eerie is brought into ordinary household items.

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