2022 – work in progress

In this series using the technique of textile collage, the artist creates an authorial myth based on a mystical perception of nature.
The series is a response to the world ongoing humanitarian crisis, and is based on the desire to find a way out, perhaps psychologically. The artist turns to nature, trying to find support in it, and to her childhood drawings, which depict trees screaming in terror or a bloody moon decapitating trees. The series is also inspired by the poems of the Russian poet Osip Mandelstam, written in the 1920s where, in the artist's opinion, the poet raises many interesting and topical issues.
In this project, the artist uses vintage and antique fabrics, mainly post-war fabrics from the 1950s to 1970s from her family's collection.
She also incorporates some newer fabrics that have a personal value for her, such as the ribbons that the artist used to braid as a child.
For the artist, the element of nostalgia and memory associated with textiles is important -it opens up an additional layer -working with emotions, personal and family memory, which is closely linked to historical memory.

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