Normal daughter


Embroidery, sewing.

"Normal daughter" in the view of parents is a virtual character. She lives an independent life: just like you, she goes to school, goes to college, makes relationships, but does everything either differently or an order of magnitude better than you do.

This is the one who grows with you; the one with whom we are constantly compared; fictional desired version of ourselves. Competing with the perfect daughter is not easy, because she is always one step ahead. You have to either comply or fight the image imposed on you.

The work is devoted to criticism of the entire older female generation of relatives. Perhaps the main point of discrepancies is their persistent desire to see the artist married, surrounded by children. The work criticizes this reproductive stereotype against young women. A normal daughter - a daughter who brought grandchildren - is opposed to a real daughter, primarily striving to realize herself in creativity.

The heroine of the work appears in a traditional wedding girlish dress. The traditional Ukrainian costume is associated with part of the national identity of the artist.

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