Abuser Tools

2019 - work in progress

Recently, in Russia, feminist views are becoming more widespread. In recent months, the law on the prevention of domestic violence has been widely discussed, the statistics of the victims are published in the media, pickets are passed for the adoption of the law. Meanwhile, “the Russian government does not consider domestic violence as a“ serious problem ”and believes that its scale in the country is“ quite exaggerated. ”This position is expressed in the official response of the Ministry of Justice to the ECHR, which addresses the cases of four women, including Margarita Gracheva, whom the ex-husband chopped off his hands.

Fem-optics changes a person’s perception, adding previously scattered observations and thoughts together. So, some uncomfortable and threatening situations, such as economic violence, gas scoring, control, add up to a single picture of “abuser tools”, its previously invisible “collection”.

The project includes an audio installation with a recording of poems by contemporary poets dedicated to gender-based violence. The recording was attended by twelve authors from six cities of different countries.

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